#504 Fruit Soda Bottlecap Bracelet

Goody Grape, Sun-Rise Strawberry, Cordone's Orange, Howel's Grape, Clicquot Club Strawberry Cream & Plantation Imitation Punch

These bottlecaps are upcycled into beads by Cathy Collison in Minnesota. I've combined the bottlecaps with black leather cord for a colorful, casual bracelet. The bottlecaps are concentrated on one side of the bracelet, so you can rest your wrist comfortably on your desk without the big beads underneath.
Approximately 9 inches long (23cm); fits 7 inch (18cm) wrist.

I try to show the colors as accurately as possible, but please keep in mind that colors will vary slightly from monitor to monitor.

Shipping charged for 1st item only. Additional items shipped together at no charge.
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