#770 Nancy Drew Soldered Pendant - Smelling Salts

Keep a little bit of Nancy Drew with you in this hand-soldered pendant.

One side has a picture of Nancy mid-mystery;
second side is a tip from one of her adventures:
"Since it is out of vogue to carry around smelling salts, you can try reviving someone with a small vial of perfume.
-- The Mystery of the 99 Steps"

This Nancy Drewism is from the fabulous book "Nancy Drew's Guide to Life" by Jennifer Worick.

Pendant is 1 x 2 inches (2.5cm x 5cm).
Ball chain is 24 inches (61cm), slips over head without undoing clasp.
Chain can be shortened on request. Lead-free solder.

Shipping charged for 1st item only. Additional items shipped together at no charge.

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